Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad guy

As a typical young boy, attending preschool, and with a young brother, Luc is displaying far more aggression and interest in explosions and weapons than I ever thought would be possible or indeed, acceptable. Apparently this is inherent in boys.  As I grew up a girl, I was never aware of the primal need to want to destroy things, have an identifiable ‘bad guy’ nor see the humour in wrestling others to the ground using brute force. 

I think I may have goofed the other day when Luc asked me the question “Is there a bad guy on Earth?” I responded “Yes.” Luc asked “What is his name?” “George Bush” I replied without giving it any great thought. I didn’t think too much more of this until Luc was playing a game and was about to ‘blow up George Bush’. I saw the potential problems associated with this, in this day and age of extreme paranoia and told him he shouldn’t do that, but instead should give him a good ‘talking to’ and demand that George ‘Look after Planet Earth’.  

I am not too sure how successful this was as a couple of days later, Luc was flying spaceships around, hot in pursuit of George Bush. To allay the want to blow up Bush, I pushed the ‘softer’ environmental angle. A couple of days on, and Luc asked me out of the blue “Why does George Bush waste so much water so there is none left for the fish?” Obviously, this is the worst environmental catastrophe that a bad guy could perpetrate. I am thinking that we will have to find another ‘bad guy’ pretty soon! 

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