Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Out of the mouths...

Nicolas has reverted in language. I know he can say words (as I have heard him use the appropriate word), he just chooses to use his own ‘digga digga digga’ ‘noy noy noy’ language – spoken as a song, and often with a little dance or head-shaking to accompany it. Nic can carry on quite a long conversation in his own language, and seeks a response to his questions, and comment on his discourse. 

This morning, Nic was gabbling away, obviously telling Luc and myself something of great importance. I looked at Luc and gave him a knowing smile, he smiled back and explained Nic’s language: “He’s speaking French”. 

Luc is also guilty of speaking his own language. He has several words including “Gangoll”, “Ba-Bah” and “Kinnemon”, that he uses frequently and with some (obvious) purpose. When Paul and I look at him quizzically and ask him what he means, he bursts into laughter as if we are just so incredibly na├»ve and clueless. I guess this is the harbinger of what to expect during the teenage years! 

Luc and I were making caterpillars out of playdough. As his crawled into the container chrysalis, I asked him if his was going to turn into a beautiful butterfly, he told me matter-of-factly “No… Buzz Lightyear”.

I looked over to see a spilled mess in front of Luc while he was tucking into a pasta meal. Luc noticed me looking at the mess and explained innocently “It was the bowl’s fault”. 

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