Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday boy Luc

Last Sunday was a special day with Luc turning a grand three years old – and hosting his own Go Dog Go party. The theme of Luc’s party was decided by Luc last November when we held a One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish party for Nicolas. Perhaps Luc thought he was restricted to the Seuss school of party themes?! Guests brought dog friends or party hats and we had enough spare dogs and party hats to go around for those who didn’t.

We managed to squeeze some 24 people (parents and kids) into our small apartment for a morning party. Luc had a great time preparing for his party,  making and decorating alphabet cookies for the guest’s goodie bags and helping mix and bake his own carrot birthday cakes. I thought things were going to go south when Luc told me he didn’t want the (simple to make) bone cake that I had planned, but wanted a dog cake instead. A little subtle persuasion along the lines of avoiding dog-cannibalism seemed to do the trick and the bone cake endured. 

All the grandparents sent along some lovely books for Luc, but Grandpa and Nanna also sent along a Cherry Ripe (Australian chocolate bar). The Cherry Ripe produced nothing but envy from Paul and myself who each felt justified to lay claim to it. Luc has been eating the Cherry Ripe over several days (when we feel like we can cope with an extra energy burst from Luc). Not being able to stand the temptation anymore, Paul got online to order us some Cherry Ripes since our appetite for this special import has been provoked.  

See the movie of Luc blowing out his cake candles. 
Thank you Allen for the lovely photo of Luc at the top of this page and of Luc’s birthday cake. Photo of Nicolas’ birthday cake from last November. 

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