Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Warm again!

Thank you for all your good thoughts and best wishes. We are through all the dramas now and can begin to laugh a bit about all the tribulations of the last week.

The story continued with me ringing Peoples Energy again at 2pm to find out how far away the inspector might be. They told me that my 11:30am call had been recorded and they would respond accordingly. I asked about my 7:30am call. I was told that I had made no such call… and oh, someone should be out by 10pm. I lost it. I rang Paul and the tone of my voice was enough to send him packing. He was on his way home when the gas inspector arrived. The inspector got all grumpy as he thought that the plumber had not finished the job and had left the fireplace ‘live’. Than goodness Paul arrived to explain that the plumber had totally ‘disabled’ the fireplace (to be fixed at a later date). Our gas was reconnected by 4pm, only some 72 hours after being disconnected - but I was happy.

It was warm outside, we had missed out on another beautiful day. I took Luc for a walk so Paul could continue with his work. We were in our ugg boots, lots of layers, jumpers (sweaters) and jackets (as it had been so cold inside), only to find people walking around in shorts and t-shirts. We soon stripped off and took advantage of the great weather, chatting to almost every dog (and their owners) on the way. We visited a lovely gift shop around the corner, Climate Home, and I bought a toy for each boy: a plush robot with magnetic feet as chosen by Luc, a Skwish for Nic and ”Dirty Bertie”, a book my Aunt Margaret likes reading with her grandchildren. The shop’s owner seemed to be very kid tolerant, with Luc running from one breakable to the next. It made sense that he would be so tolerant, when he told me he was the first of 12 children!

Both boys adore the Skwish – the first toy they are really going to fight over. It is a great toy for Nic, being light, ‘grippable’, colourful and with moving parts. It has maintained his interest more than any other toy so far. He is even reluctant for Luc to wrench it away from him!

Our ‘space’ seemed to be somewhat compromised over the last week since we moved in, with the following interruptions: Saturday – delivery from IKEA, bed from Sears; Sunday – Luc’s bed delivery, Cable guy to install internet and TV connections, Peapod with grocery delivery; Monday – Handyman to check hot water system leak and items to be repaired; Wednesday – Handyman to fix intercom, etc.; Thursday – Chad to measure hot water cabinet; Friday – Gas inspectors, plumber # 1, sofa delivery; Saturday – Chad to dismantle fireplace, Plumber #2; Sunday – Plumber #2 again; Monday – Hot-water system installers, Gas inspector. No one is due today – phew!

I was loading the washing machine earlier, catching up on some of the washing that accumulated during our ‘shut-down’, when I heard Nic cry out. I went to investigate as he doesn’t usually yell out, and he wasn’t hungry, wet, nor tired. I found Luc leaning over him, kissing Nic’s forehead profusely. Nic had a reddening dent in his head. Luc looked very guilty. I gave Nic a cuddle and chastised Luc. Luc then picked up a plastic water bottle and banged his head with it. Nic laughed. Luc hit his head again, Nic laughed again. The more he hit his head, the more that Nic laughed and cackled.

Oh well…. life goes on.

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