Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Eggcellent Weekend

We had a lovely weekend over Easter. On Saturday morning, John, Yoly & Joseph visited and we went to a local park at North Pond, Lincoln Park. Luc and Joseph had a great time on the swings, followed by an Easter egg hunt. Luc and I had coloured almost 20 hardboiled eggs on Friday, and I hid these amongst some trees and shrubs. It was a very successful hunt once we explained to Joseph that the aim of the game was not to squash the eggs.

Luc became a little egg crazy so I coloured some more eggs for him to crack and eat (see photo above). He wanted to eat the all in one sitting. I drew the line at three. Flashback to the egg scene from Cool Hand Luke?!

Sunday it rained. Paul ordered in breakfast from Ritters – omelettes, turnovers, coffee – our answer to going out for breakfast, and a fill of eggs for us. Later in the day we attempted a walk with the rain cover over the stroller but gave up when it started to really pour.

Easter does not have the same significance here as it does in Australia. Instead of public holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday, it appears to be up to the employer whether or not their employees will have time off. Most shops were open Friday with some closed on Easter Sunday. Paul had the day off work on Monday. We treated this as our Easter Sunday and arranged another egg hunt for Luc and Nic. This time the hunt was for chocolate eggs, a couple of finger puppets, a fluffy chicken in a mug, and a knitted stuffed bunny for Nic. Luc was so excited. Nic showed an immediate affection for his bunny by stuffing it in his mouth. It was pure joy to watch the boys.

I don’t know if I had left the search too late, or was just looking in the wrong locations, but I found it really difficult to find chocolate Easter eggs. In Australia, Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns seem to appear on supermarket shelves as soon as the Christmas decorations are cleared away. Not so here. I finally found some in Starbucks (of all places!) in a Easter Egg Hunt kit.

Monday afternoon, we made a visit to Oz Park. An attempt at playing soccer with Luc was aborted once he placed the ball under a spindly bush, then made a beeline for a big muddy puddle while I was trying to retrieve the ball. I was too late. Luc was too wet. Paul took the boys home while I caught a cab to buy a few household items in the North Clybourn area.

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