Wednesday, September 12, 2012

puppy impact

The kids LOVE their dog!
Rascal has become a real focus for our family... in more ways than one. 
The boys have been using Rascal as a theme for just about EVERYTHING they write about at school. Puppy books are the most often borrowed from the library. We seem to be watching more of 'Wishbone', 'Underdog' and the 'Buddies' movie series...  
One of Luc's school projects required he make a collage of an 'adventure'. Of course, Luc chose the subject of Rascal's disappearance - as Rascal chased deer through the forest early one morning. The collage and short story detailed Luc's subsequent upsetting recovery mission as he first loses his dog, then himself. Rascal returned home first, and then a tearful, scratched but ultimately relieved Luc. 

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