Sunday, March 5, 2006

Dog Party

A number of colder days has seen me take the boys downtown for a walk in the stroller with some shop-hopping to keep warm. On a couple of occasions, we have wrapped up our shopping visits with a visit to Millennium Park for an opportunity to stretch our legs. One day, we ended up in a speciality shop within Marshall Fields named The Down Town Dog. pastedGraphic.pdfThis department contained everything that an upwardly mobile dog (or their owner) could ever possibly want, including a dog stroller for taking the pooch in one’s life for a walk! Luc was quite taken with the stuffed dogs that were helping display items such as shoulder bags for carrying dogs, cold weather cashmere sweaters, etc. As all Luc’s toy dogs are currently in transit, and his favourite book at the moment is Go, Dog. Go!, I bought him an animal which he chose and immediately named, very originally, Puppy Dog.

Sunday morning was spent having breakfast with the John, Yoli and Joseph, who very graciously supplied us all with a yummy breakfast of fresh bagels and smoked salmon and cream cheese, muffins and cookies. With a number of people here at the same time, we took the opportunity to hold a ‘Dog Party’. The Go, Dog. Go! book culminates in a dog party and I had promised Luc that we could go to a dog party sometime - I thought it might be fun. The Nowaks complied by bringing several toy-dog guests who helped to celebrate: blowing out candles on a muffin ‘cake’, playing with balloons and party blowers... Luc seemed very happy and has been requesting ‘dog party cake’ ever since. Following breakfast, we all visited the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. Again it snowed while we were there.

This time we were lucky enough to have snow that hung around for long enough to play in. I took Luc up to the roof of our building and we attempted to build a snowman. We didn’t have too much luck and I think Luc will not be able to associate carrots with anything other than noses now. We did however have some highly successful snow ball throwing. Luc thought throwing snow at his mum to be absolutely wonderful.

We have now signed a lease and paid a deposit upon an apartment in Lincoln Park. We will take possession of the apartment on the 1st April, so we have a little time to organise furniture and wait for our stuff to be shipped from Australia. We are determining what we need and are doing a little research into prices, options for payment, what is available at short notice, etc. etc. ...Hello IKEA!

Our very first ‘necessity’ item purchase was a 32” flat, wide screen, high-definition LCD television! Paul is in heaven. It is like a computer monitor - only super-sized. Paul has even been doing some work on it from the couch via his bluetooth mouse and keyboard. The picture quality is indeed wonderful and I am sure we will all be very happy watching it as we sleep on the floor. ;-)

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