Monday, October 10, 2011


I have been asking Luc to submit an artwork each year for the Reflections PTA Art Competition. This is a nation wide competition, organized - in the first instance - by each school's PTA. This year, as Nic was to start Kindergarten, I asked him to complete an artwork too. 
The theme for this year was "Diversity". I found this to be a great prompt to open the discussion about diversity - of thought, belief, race, gender...
Luc's overall theme was to 'Celebrate Diversity' - and he used a party 'look' to illustrate his concept. Nic's love for pasta was instrumental in his artwork's concept. He loved that it could all look so different, yet be made of the same stuff! Nic had some fun arranging his letters - and taking numerous photos on Mummy's camera (safely attached to a tripod!). I cropped and arranged all his letters in several layouts, and he chose his preferred submission. 

Nic's submission won first place at his school, County and District. His artwork received an Honorable Mention at the State level. 

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