Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Miss (now) Two

We were lucky enough to have Paul's parents visiting when Mietta turned two. We had plans for a birthday party, but tight visiting schedules meant this was more of an impromptu party, at home, with little time to prepare. I was able to make Mietta's requests "s'ghetti and meatballs' and a large) 'Mr Happy cupcake'. Paul made her favorite 'wockamole'.
How fast Mietta has reached the milestone of two! Our little girl is a bright little button and her language has just exploded. She appears to be permanently cheerful with a very happy and agreeable disposition. People are quite surprised when she has a meltdown: she can be fierce and has the loudest voice of any of our kids. Lukily she can be easily distracted from tantrums. Mietta is a bit of a conundrum: she adores playing with cars and trucks, zooming rockets through the sky, kicking a soccer ball and walking around on her knees saying "I am a wobot, I am a wobot" in her best monotone robot voice. Despite her penchant for 'boy' toys, Mietta loves to dress up and must wear a 'pwity jacket', hat, shoes and bracelet with every outfit (even with pajamas after she wakes in the morning or after her bath and before bed). Sometimes she even includes a handbag / purse.

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