Friday, May 7, 2010

Our first visitors

What a tumultuous few weeks we have had! It began with my parents arriving in early April, friends Pete and Ry visiting a week later, Paul having several 'procedures' and then being told that his research position is no longer being funded (i.e. he would be losing his job!). We also threw in some sight-seeing and a belated sixth birthday party for Luc.

My parents were our first visitors after around 7 months being in our new abode. In Chicago we had visitors after our first month! We now have a spare bed in a dedicated guest bedroom (well, my office too... hence the lack of blogging over the last month). Hopefully we will have some more visitors in the future. We have to. Our garden is SO beautiful and relaxing. People have to visit before we may have to leave it! Hopefully my sister and her family's move to Santa Barbara will encourage more family visits.

Thank goodness Mum and Dad were here to keep things running while we were going out of our heads with worry... actually, we still are, but a little less so as some options are beginning to present themselves. We welcomed the opportunity for the kids to become more connected to their grandparents, and visa versa. We are missing the company, the baby-sitting on request, miraculous dishwasher stacking/unstacking and the magic laundry. Mietta is really missing her cups of tea on demand: lovingly and efficiently being provided by her doting Pa-pa.

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  1. Gosh I can't believe how big your family is getting! Your children are beautiful and I think fondly of the time I got to spend babysitting your kids.