Monday, February 15, 2010

Making a start!

OK.... so the comments and hints re: blog entries (or lack thereof), are starting to make me feel somewhat guilty. Several notable occasions have been and gone with nary a word from me: Thanksgiving, Paul's (husband) birthday, Christmas, New Year, Luc's birthday (now Master Six), fourth anniversary of being in the USA ...

Truly, I blame the snow, snow, snow and more snow that has fallen during this extreme season we seem to be in the midst of. The 'snow days' causing schools to be closed have been copious. The days of being 'housebound' have been many. The lines at the supermarket prior to a snow 'event' have been interminable. The hours required to shovel snow have been numerous. The number of calories burned shoveling snow have been momentous. The resultant tiredness and aches have been significant. The desire to feast on hearty dinners has been uncontrollable. The need to imbibe hot chocolate spiced with cognac while one has one's feet elevated and eyes closed has been overwhelming. Therefore, not a lot of time, nor energy, to blog.

I started my first blog ( just over four years ago as a record of our move from Brisbane to Chicago. (Some - still undetermined - glitch has made this impossible to view for the moment). I started this rum sum mum blog in August of last year as a record of our move from Chicago to rural Virginia. My intention was to keep it regularly updated... Obviously this wasn't one of my new-year's-resolutions of 2010! *SIGH*

Oh well... here I put finger pad to keyboard as a start. Perhaps now I will be able to fall asleep a little easier rather than composing intended blog entries in my head at night...

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