Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monsters under the bed

Nic called me in this evening to bid him a goodnight after I had put Mietta down to sleep. A late afternoon nap meant that he wasn’t quite ready for sleep at bedtime. We had a little chat and the subject of ghosts and monsters came up. Trying to avert any possible sleeplessness due to the thought of monsters, I tried the friendly monster angle saying “Monsters are really cool. I like Cookie Monster” “Mum, he’s on Sesame Street”. “Yes,” I countered, “He is friendly. So is Grover - and he is cute” “But Muuuuum.... those monsters are on television” “Why? We don’t have monsters in our house?” I asked in disbelief “Suzie” Nic stated. “Suzie Monster?” I asked. “Yes” Nic replied. “So where is Suzie Monster?” I was intrigued. “Under my bed!” Nic told me - without any apparent fear. I’m now interested to know how long Suzie might be staying with us. 

The reason for Mietta’s pain - tooth number 2, presented itself this morning. Mietta is keen to move during her tummy time. She does a combat-type-crawl but is extremely frustrated at going backwards when she obviously wants to go forwards! 

Nic was hungry yesterday so went to the fridge to help himself to some lunch. He took out bottles of cornichons, pickled onions and mayonnaise. “This is all I need” he announced. 

Photo: A rare photo of me and the kids! 

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