Friday, August 8, 2008


What an auspicious date. The Olympics are underway. Due date is now one month away. Baby is still hanging in there and moving about like crazy (this one is a kicker!) I had an inkling that if baby did not arrive by today, we should be going the full distance... hopefully this will happen. 

I have just started ‘nesting’. This has involved some fairly ruthless ‘throwing out’ of ‘stuff’ that seems to have accumulated in our 2+ years here. I have a long way to go, but am pretty proud of my ability to purge thus far. I bought some newborn clothes for the baby and these are now washed and ready to wear. We found ourselves with no new-baby clothes after passing these along the kid-wear chain. Hopefully, the new clothes will fit. Sizing works rather differently over here. Rather than 0000 / 000 / 00 sizes, baby clothes come in ‘newborn’, ‘0-3 months’, ‘6-9 months’, etc. I naturally bought ‘newborn’ size only to later discover these were for babies ‘up to 8 pounds’. Both boys were larger than this... so hopefully, our ‘plus-sized’ baby will be able to squeeze into the few outfits I bought. 

We had a horrific storm on Monday evening. Apparently, tornados can occur in a city. Thankfully, our neighbourhood was spared the tornado, but we had some very scary lighting and extremely strong winds to contend with. Paul took our car to the gym to park it undercover to escape the forecast hail. Thankfully the hail didn’t eventuate, but Paul managed to mention the word ‘tornado’ to Luc before he left. I could see Luc’s head swimming with visions of the twister in ‘Wizard of Oz’ and some footage we had seen recently of a tornado ripping apart a pig farm in Oklahoma. He was terrified. I explained to him that we would be safe as we lived in a ‘brick house’, and as he should remember, brick houses were the strongest and could even survive the ravages of a Bad Wolf’s huffing and puffing. Luc wanted to know if farms were built from sticks and straw (given his memory of the farm being sucked up)... I mentioned that, yes, they were.... so not to worry. This appeased him enough to sleep through the raging storm. I however, was scared! I closed all our blinds, turned off the computers and switched on the TV on to watch for the broadcast storm warnings whilst waiting for the storm to pass.  Now I really hope that there are no storms when we visit Grandpa & Nanna’s farm at Christmas! 

Photo: boys working together to conquer a slide. Photo taken on Paul’s iPhone while I was in hospital. I haven’t brought my camera out much recently... so am struggling to find some recent photos! 

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