Thursday, January 10, 2008

No white Christmas, but a Blanche New Year!

Welcome to the world, little Blanche Olivia Nobiron. 

It snowed before Christmas and it snowed after Christmas, but unfortunately, no snow on Christmas Day. This all became immaterial when my sister Jenni and her partner Sebastien became the proud parents of a little girl on the fourth of January. What an excellent way to begin a new year. 

It has been such a relief to poor Jenni who had been admitted to hospital a couple of months ago and since her release from hospital, was confined to complete bedrest… some confinement! While I am of the opinion that enforced bedrest would be an unbelievable luxury, it had been driving Jenni somewhat demented, having to wait while her ‘bun’ cooked. Some anxious times were had as the baby showed definite signs of wanting to come out early, but needed to be kept in to ensure all vitals were operational. 

Jenni and Sebastien agonised for some time over names that would work well both in French and English (as they currently live in France), seeking a third opinion from myself from time to time. Blanche is a family name from our mother's side of the family, Olivia is just cute and reminds me of Ian Falconer’s lovely range of Olivia books. 

The wait has been so worth it as the grins from the happy (and tired) parents attest. 

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