Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Last week I had left the boys in the family room while I went to the bathroom… when I came out, I heard a strange sound coming from the boy’s room. It sounded vaguely ceramic. When I went to investigate, the situation shown in the photo (above), was what greeted me. The strange sound was the boys knocking the cot (crib) uprights together. It was one of those moments that either sends a parent into either hysterical crying or laughter. I raced to get the camera! 

Luc has been going around singing a full rendition of “Happy Birthday to Mummy”, presenting me with a shoe box containing a ‘surprise’ – whatever the toy-of-the-day is. I think he should have it perfected by Friday (my birthday). 

Luc is usually very keen to learn the correct word or pronunciation for words… but there are several instances where he says thing his own way - and there is no means of persuading him otherwise. Luc loves singing the alphabet at the moment. When he reaches the end, he sings “Now I know your ABC’s…” we correct him “Now I know my ABC’s…” and he sings back to us “Now I know your ABC’s…” I guess it makes some sense. 

Luc counts to ten in French. When he reaches the end, he says “huit, neuf, GEESE!” No extent of explaining that geese are birds and not numbers seems to work. I heard Luc counting to four in Spanish the other day… I was quite amazed. I guess we have to thank Go Diego Go for that. 

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