Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nicolas turns one

Our baby Nicolas turned one last Saturday (11th November). This coincided with Paul being in Italy and a visit from Sarah, my first cousin-once-removed (i.e. my cousin Maggie’s stepdaughter). Sarah arrived on a very bleak and rainy Friday night at peak hour. Good on her for negotiating her way to our place on public transport with large backpack and snowboard! 

Nicolas is an adorable and very endearing little guy. He is very social and I catch him flirting with people all the time. He is good-natured and fairly independent. He is also cuddly and applies a ‘koala cuddle’ to our ‘tree’. His preferred mode of transportation is walking, although he reverts to crawling when he wishes to get somewhere fast (and he does!) including the following doors: laundry, study, refrigerator, dishwasher and the front door. 

Nic’s first discernible word was “Tickertickerticker” used when tickling someone (particularly Luc’s) tummy. It speaks volumes about our parenting when you consider that Luc’s first word was “Tickle”! Nicolas calls Luc “Ooo”  but seems to have no need to call Paul or I by any name, except perhaps a wailing “Maaaaaaaaaaaa!” when he wants out of his cot (crib). 

Nicolas has a love for and fascination with water. Luc called out to me the other day to say that Nic was playing with the potty. To my horror (and amusement), I found Nic with his hands in the toilet splashing about, having a great time. There is a lot to be said for Australian toilets and the low water level! We have to keep a close watch on Nic around bathtime as he is very determined to get into the by bath himself, fully clothed. 

We are going to have a small party for Nicolas on Sunday and have invited some of his and Luc’s playmates. 

Prior to Sarah’s visit, I mentioned to Luc that perhaps we would see if Sara would like to visit Sears Tower. Luc pulled out one of the play phones, dialled some numbers and spoke into the phone “Hello Sarah. Sears Tower? Yes. Sears Tower. OK. Bye” He then informed me that, Yes, we should indeed visit Sears Tower. It was practically the first thing he said to Sarah when she arrived.

We made a visit to Sears Tower after having some celebratory birthday cake at one of my favourite cafes, The Artopolis Bakery in Greektown. We visited the Art Institute of Chicago finally viewing the iconic American Gothic. Luc showed Sarah Millennium Park and his favourite items including The Bean and the red chairs at the Pritzker Pavillion. Paul arrived home late, we ate some typical deep-dish Chicago-style Pizza, while Paul crashed. The next day we showed Sarah the neighbourhood including Lincoln Park, the Zoo and Michigan lakefront. 

Monday we went to art class while a poorly Nicolas slept. In Argo Tea afterwards, following a good snack of apple sauce and cheese, we realised that Nic wasn’t feeling all that well when he brought it (and breakfast) all up … and over… himself, myself, the stroller, my handbag, the cafĂ© floor. We abandoned any notion of going downtown and left Sarah to explore on her own while I returned home with the boys. 

While bathing Nic after his illness, I asked Luc to please fetch a cloth from the other bathroom. Luc took some time…. finally turning up with a about a metre of dental floss looped through his teeth and hanging from his mouth. He didn’t have a cloth but I am glad he is taking notice of his personal hygiene. 

Photo: Nicolas looking at me through a porthole in the Pirate Ship at Supera Park 

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