Friday, May 5, 2006

Give this lingo a burl

Following my previous entry, I started to think a little about language, accent differences and then some of Australia’s ‘unique’ words. With Paul’s help, I constructed the following conversation. This would be well understood by Australians... not too sure how the ‘international’ readers of this blog might cope!

G’day Mate. I was gobsmacked to see you the other day. It would be great to tee-up a time for a good old yabber. If you are up at sparrow’s fart, brekkie might be a goer. Just bring a plate - We can divvy up the tucker.
Maybe we could meet for a barbie: some snags, sangers and, if you like, some grog - put some tinnies in your esky (XXXX if you must) or BYO cab sav, you know, anything from the bottle-o. If it’s easier, we could just bog into a hot chook or some dogs-eyes or savs with dead-horse. 
If arvo tea is more your thing, some bickies, chockies, a pav and a cuppa if we get around to boiling the billy – even Tim Tam slammers if you are game.  Better bring some lollies for the ankle biters, or we’ll have Buckley’s getting any time to ourselves.  I might even whip up some chocky crackles or lamingtons.
You know, if we did all of the above we’d be as full as a goog!
In any case, dress code is daggy: trackie daks and thongs or your togs would be beaut. The blowies and mozzies are pretty rank, so don’t forget to bring the Aerogard or your sunnies. We know we live out woop woop, (you’d think it was the back of Bourke) but it is a great pozzy – away from all the hoons in the big smoke. 

Photos above: what a difference a couple of weeks makes!

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